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Bird Bingo


This school holidays get your walking shoes on and head to Karlkurla Bushland Park for the Bird Bingo School Holiday Activity.

There are 12 posters hidden on the backs of the LARGE park map signs in the park and each one is about a type of bird you might see in Karlkurla Bushland Park. 

Find all 12 and fill in the activity sheet below and email it in to KBULG or post in to us and go into the draw to win a prize. 

Don’t forget to download a Karlkurla Park Map and a QR Code scanner to make the most of the fantastic activity. 

Keep your eyes and ears open in the park to see if you can spot or hear any of our feathered friends.

While everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, the competition portion of the activity is restricted to children aged between 2 and 18 years of age. If you have any queries, need more activity sheets at the gates or notice that the posters are missing let us know at nursery@kbulg.org.au.

We hope everyone enjoys our September school holiday activity.

Don’t forget to tag us at @kbulg1 or #kbulg in your fantastic photos!



 Karlkurla Bushland Park Map

Square Posts pictures

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Congratulations to the winners.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun activity.

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