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KBULG's Native Plant Guide

The first edition of KBULG’s Native Plant Guide was launched in late May 2003. KBULG produced a second edition of its Native Plant Guide for Karlkurla Bushland Park & the Goldfields. The new guide contains updated species information and images, while a wider range of plant species found in the Goldfields have been included in the new guide.


The new, updated Native Plant Guide links in with existing signage in Karlkurla Bushland Park and was launched at the Boulder Community Markets on Sunday, June 21st. KBULG’s native plant guide is a must-have for plant enthusiasts as it not only provides detailed information about species’ characteristics, species’ habitat, traditional anthropogenic uses, in addition to other interesting facts rarely mentioned in conventional guidebooks. It’s also the perfect plant guide for plant-interested visitors and new residents to the region as high-quality images make plant identification easy and fun.

The guide is available from the KBULG office, Kalgoorlie Visitors Centre, Western Australian Museum Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Loopline Museum Boulder and the Department of Parks and Wildlife Kalgoorlie. Email admin@kbulg.org.au to get your copy.

Explore Karlkurla

As part of Australian National Science Week the Kalgoorlie Science Teachers Network, coordinated by Jaclyn Drake, brought together young people, local elders and scientists from across the Goldfields in the new and exciting ‘Explore Karlkurla’ project. The purpose of the project is to educate the community and in particular the younger generation about the Great Western Woodlands (with an emphasis on an indigenous perspective) through excursions to Karlkurla Park. Young people undertake scientific and artistic observations under the guidance of experts and local elders on country before producing a bush tucker map for Karlkurla Park linked with original video clips via QR codes. In September 2015 students guided groups of family, friends and the public through Karlkurla Park using the map and videos they had produced to share their new knowledge with the community.


Ariana Warren-Adams 10, Lorraine Cameron 10 and Edward Johnston at Karlkurla Bushland Park.


Watch some of their unique videos:

Naked Lady

Old Man’s Saltbush

Tan Wattle

Desert Kurrajong

Slender Fuchsia

Eremophila praecox

Ruby Saltbush

Black Oak

Native Honeysuckle


Karlkurla/Silky Pear


Hop Bush

Hopbush II

Medicine Bush

Medicine Bush II

Who am I?

Edward Johnston’s Story

Hunting Story


More videos will be launched with tours for the public in August 2016.



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